St. Nicholas Montessori Teachers’ Association (SNMTA) provides a mentoring programme for Montessori School and Montessori Preschool. SNMTA offer support and mentoring to Montessori teachers and provide them with opportunities for continuous professional development.

How mentoring helps

It helps to set and raise standards of Montessori education. Montessori Education Mentors offers Montessori teachers support and advice on

  • Montessori Education
  • Montessori curriculum planning
  • Documenting the delivery of Montessori curriculum
  • Information on training/refresher courses and workshops
  • Montessori County Networks meetings
  • Access to web site with regularly updated information
  • Early Years Education –focussed inspections
  • ECCE Scheme
  • Aistear and Síolta Practice Guide
  • The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People 

Value of Montessori Education Mentoring

  • Promotes quality and best practice, self-development and professionalism.
  • Validation of quality Montessori education.
  • Opportunity for support and ongoing professional development.
  • Promotes awareness of the Montessori philosophy and method of education.
  • Informs parents of best practice and delivery of Montessori preschool education.
  • Encouraging a networking system for Montessori preschool teachers and other professionals.
  • Increases confidence and professional profiling for Montessori teachers.



What are Montessori county networks?

Montessori County Networks provide an opportunity for Montessori Preschool teachers to come together to share experiences, information, knowledge and expertise.
Networking can take on many different formats such as:
1. Organised Meetings – structures ways of networking
2. Social events- informal ways to meet people with a common purpose.
3. Discussions on Montessori Education topics 

Benefits of networking

Networking can provide a lifeline of support and ideas generation

  • Networking is a key source of information and support as you can compare and discuss common issues e.g. staff retention, legal and regulatory developments as well as develop and share ideas, innovation and knowledge of best practice.
  • Networking can help to develop further skills and knowledge by providing you with an opportunity to identify areas where you can enhance your Montessori Preschool environment.
  • You can access up to date information on what is happening locally and nationally in Montessori Education e.g. changes in legislation, training news.


IMEB Accreditation of Montessori Schools

Accreditation by The Irish Montessori Education Board (IMEB)

Requirements for application for IMEB accreditation

  • Teachers must hold one of the following awards
    • St. Nicholas Montessori Advanced Diploma (3-12 years)
    • National Diploma in Humanities in Montessori Education- NCEA/HETAC
    • BA in Humanities in Montessori Education- NCEA/HETAC
    • Graduate Diploma in Humanities in Montessori Education- NCEA/HETAC
    • BA in Montessori Education- HETAC
    • BA (Honours) IN Montessori Education- HETAC
    • Higher Diploma in Montessori Education -HETAC
    • The award held by the teacher must be appropriate to the age groups being taught
  • Evidence of on-going professional development or in-service training.
  • Membership of St. Nicholas Montessori Teachers' Association

Requirement for Accreditation by The Irish Montessori Education Board.

  • Compliance with application requirements as stated above and approved by  The Irish Montessori Education Board Trust Limited (IMEB)
  • Annual report
  • Health and Safety Certificate

Renewal of Accreditation

  • Accreditation expires after three years.
  • Renewal of accreditation includes a new application and on-site visit.