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St. Nicholas Montessori Teachers Association 
St Nicholas House, 
16 Adelaide Street, 
Dun Laoghaire, 
Co Dublin . 
Email:  Team Leader: Mina Walsh


NCIP Project Team

Team Leader: Mina Walsh
Montessori Education Mentor (MEM) Maureen Leonard Dodd 
Montessori Education Mentor (MEM) Miriam Hickey
Montessori Education Mentor (MEM) Mary Ahern
Montessori Education Mentor (MEM) Mary Fleming
Administrator: Daragh Bennett       

Irish Montessori Education Board

Mina Walsh, Brian Allen, Jo Culhane, Judi Turner 
Email:: Website:

St Nicholas Montessori Teachers' Association Executive Committee Dublin

Committee Members:

Mary Carbin, Therese Smith, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Sarah Mannion, Bairbre Luke, Beatriz Padro Merin, Lucy Jones